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How To Protect Your Professional Image
In Sales and Network Marketing
By Phillip Collinsworth

Contrary to the opinion of the misinformed, network marketing is a business, and therefore should be conducted like a business.

One of the easiest things you can do to help build your business is to conduct yourself as a professional. After all, a professional is someone who gets paid to conduct his or her profession. As a professional you follow a code of ethics set down by business law, societal mores, and the rules of your sponsoring company. Beyond that, you must look within yourself for guidance.

Ask yourself what kind of people you like to do business with. Would you buy meat from a dirty butcher shop? Would you consult a physician who blows cigarette smoke in your face and has grease under his fingernails? Network marketing is the same. Prospects will not respect or join an organization that does not present itself well. Do your best to follow these guidelines, and of course, raise the standards to meet your own expectations:

1. Dress for success

Wear the clothing appropriate to your product or service and your prospect pool. Whatever level of formality, the one rule that cannot be broken is this: you must always be neat and clean.

2. Keep your samples snappy

Nobody wants to buy a product that appears used, grimy, or damaged. To sell a product, have fresh samples on hand at all times. Also, remember that when recruiting prospects, they must first be sold on the value and marketability of your product or service.

3. Carry great literature

Prospects love to look at literature. Some salespeople believe giving literature allows the prospect to safely back out of buying your product, but this is not always true. When you first approach a prospect they know nothing about your organization or its product. The carefully considered presentation of your company and product, via literature, can help assuage any fears they may have concerning your legitimacy. Keep your literature handy, give it out freely, and make sure it’s not worn and tattered.

4. Your hot wheels

One of the final, although most troublesome, areas for your image is the car you drive. Unfortunately, we cannot all drive imported cars with letters and numbers after the model name. However, what we can do is keep the car we own clean and in good running order. This is another reason not to be deceptive in your income claims when discussing the opportunity with prospects. Anyone can see what kind of car you drive, but if you’ll keep it clean and be honest with people, your car will become a “non-issue.”

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