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Green Building Techniques In Japan

Global environmental center carried out a survey on the 'green' techniques in the construction industry in Japan and found that companies had developed and adopted a range of measures including improvements to equipments and processes, and simple new ways to control and re-use waste materials. Some suggested measures are given below:

The use of plastic mould to replace the typical veneer board mould, reducing the number of trees cut down. The plastic moulds can be recycled and re-used, reducing construction waste.

The development of construction method using panel concrete, which does not require moulds for pouring concrete, reducing the amount of waste and controlling the use of moulds made from tropical wood.

Storing the wastes in one place makes it difficult to identify the components. Separating the waste into different contains makes identification easy, helps improve the site environment and cuts disposal costs.

Source : Sustainable Business- Economic Development and Environmentally Sound Technologies, UNEP, The Regional Corporation Ltd., London, UK, pp-31 - Unzip Indian Industries