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New Solar Water Heater By Hykon

Hykon India Pvt Ltd has has announced the launch of Window Collector Solar Water Heater in the market. This new Solar Water Heater guarantees clean, green energy to the consumer as well as to the neighbourhood by way of reducing the emission of green house gases. As per Mr Christo George, Chairman and Managing Director of Hykon India Pvt. Ltd Hykon Window Solar Collectors are designed for installation on balconies and windows of flats, apartments and villas where conventional roof top water heaters do nott fit .

New Sumo & Safari Range from Tata Motors

Tata Motors has introduced the Sumo Victa Turbo DI, the new upgraded range of its entry-level utility vehicle, the Sumo Spacio.

The Bharat Stage (BS) II range of Sumo Victa DI: Price : between Rs.4.80 lakh and Rs.5.86 lakh, (ex-showroom),

Bharat Stage III : Price: between Rs.4.91 lakh and Rs.5.9 lakh (ex showroom).

Tata Motors has also launched the new 2.2 litre Safari Dicor for the Western Region . The range starts from Rs 7.50 lakh to Rs 11.5 (ex-showroom) with an warranty of two years or 75,000 km.

Bharti Airtel has launched 8 Mbps broadband

Bharti Airtel has launched 8 Mbps broadband service. Bharti's customers now had the choice of access ranging from 256 Kbps to 4 Mbps, and soon it will be 8 Mbps and it will allow browsing on multiple windows at a faster speed.

Initially the service will be available in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Delhi and the National Capital Region, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Later, it will be expanded in 50 cities, .

KSB Pumps Ltd has has introduced mini bloc pump

KSB Pumps Ltd has has introduced new and wide range of mini monobloc pump sets - Hydrobloc - in the market. These new pump are available in three models : Economy range, Regular range and Premium range.

These new mini bloc pump sets are designed to cater to all needs of water lift: like water supply to overhead tanks in bungalows, farmhouses, decorative fountains, gardens, horticulture, car washing etc.etc.

The pump sets are compact, user-friendly, easy to install and operate and these are maintenance free..

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